men-ü SLIC (SMOOTH LEAVE IN CONDITIONER) is probably the most versatile product for hair! A unique, desert island product based on versatility and performance. Leaves hair smooth, de-frizzed, with a silky texture & shine – instant conditioning. Great for coarse hair & the more you need, the more you use & because it is ultra-concentrate, a little goes a long way. Great for shine & instant conditioning on dry hair & for more of a styled look, use extra SLIC.

Ultra efficient as you simply shampoo, towel dry the hair, condition & go. Because it is so light it can be used sparingly on fine & long hair. SLIC can also be cocktailed with men-ü styling products for extra shine & conditioning. Mix products between hands before applying. Using a styling product with a greater hold is the optimum way to create volume with fine hair.

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