• The choice of top professionals – barbers & stylists
  • Use up to 40% less shave crème than badger bristles
  • Easier to clean & keep clean & therefore more hygienic
  • No bristle loss as there’s no expansion and contraction through absorption.
  • Italy is a great source for the finest shaving brushes

A new generation of shaving brush for a new generation of user. The difference is in the bristles! Exclusive men-ü bristles are manufactured to be smooth, solid & non-absorbent.

Animal bristles such as badger are like human hair – scaly, often with a hollow core & split ends. In order to create a lather, shave crème & water have to penetrate badger bristles before product is on their surface. Also, animal bristles expand & contract through absorption of shaving product & water which can lead to bristle loss.

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